The Story of Vixen And Cupid

It was after one of our founders had her first newborn and felt the symptoms of postpartum depression. With the occasional occurrences of mood swings, crying spells, anxiety and difficulty sleeping, we had to find ways to help cope with the emotional and physical stress.

To keep our mental health and wellness in check, the founders fumbled through several infographics, YouTube videos, and WhatsApp messages from friends and family for home remedies. One particular advice seemed to be mentioned more than the rest; to use scented products, such as candles and essential oil, to facilitate postpartum recovery.

Having done some research on the products found on the internet, we learned that a fair share of them contained harmful substances which pose a potential threat for mothers and the baby’s development.

It was a great concern to the founders as we would like to indulge in these products while maintaining a safe environment for the family.

And this was the start to the inspiration behind Vixen And Cupid.

A modern twist to traditional remedies.

Creating lifestyle products that we still can enjoy, without possessing any harm towards the entire family.

Vixen & Cupid is founded to create and distribute everyday lifestyle products made with all natural ingredients to protect and create a safe environment for their children.

With chest rubs and baby oils being a necessity in every parents’ home remedy arsenal, Vixen and Cupid aims to modernise these products. By continuously improving on formulas and ingredients, we aim to retain, if not improve, the functionalities of the products.